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An old idea whose time has come again.

As global competition increases, the need for positioning strategy increases. The reason: Itís how you cope with competition. When all boats are rising, competition is less of a factor as there is more business for all. When all boats are no longer rising, where do you get your business? The answer is obvious: Itís from the other boats. That is why positioning strategy, an idea born in 1969, becomes even more important. Itís the tool you use to take that business from other boats and build brands.

Differentiate or Die
This book presents how you can and cannot differentiate yourself in our age of killer competition. A very popular book and lecture, it demonstrates that every product and service can be differentiated if you are willing to focus and sacrifice.

Marketing Warfare
This presents the strategy of dealing with the competition in a highly competitive world. It lays out the strategic square and the four different types of warfare: Defensive, offensive, flanking and guerrilla.

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