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How Rajiv Bajajís mentoring relationship with Jack Trout changed the way Bajaj Auto is run
December 6 2013 | The Economic Times
A book-reading session is not what you'd expect from a CEO when his company is in the doldrums. Sometime in 2008, when Bajaj Auto was on a sticky wicket, CEO Rajiv Bajaj, then 41, addressed his top generals, a copy of Jack Trout's Differentiate or Die in his hands. The young Bajaj read out passages for a good 90 minutes, expounding the key messages gleaned, why Bajaj Auto was floundering, and how some of Trout's theories could come in handy..more

The Indian CEO has to be more engaged, says Jack Trout
November 19 2013 | Business Today
Marketing guru Jack Trout He pioneered the concept of positioning and marketing warfare theories. Jack Trout is recognised as one of the foremost marketing guru's in the world today. In an email interview with Business Today, he discusses various issues related to marketing..more

India has not yet gone into brand-building mode: Jack Trout  
Novcember 13 2013 | Business Standard
Jack TroutJack Trout is consulting with the Bajaj Group and SKS Microfinance for a possible re-branding. During an interview, he tells Surajeet Das Gupta and Alokananda Chakraborty the challenges before his two Indian clients and what India could do to produce truly global brands..more

Dubai will grow as a leading Knowledge-based economy
November 2013 |
TECOMís Media Cluster, which includes Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City and the International Media Production Zone Ė the thriving communities that are home to leading international and regional brands in the media and communications industries Ė in collaboration with Brand Lounge, the regionís leading branding and marketing strategists and the Mena regionís partner of Trout & Partners, hosted legendary marketing strategist, Jack Trout, for a full-day workshop..more

Legendary Strategist Jack Trout Declares Marketing Warfare in Dubai
November 2013 | ME News Wire
Dubaiís most influential marketing practitioners, Managing Directors and Communications specialists attended this exclusive event focusing on two core concepts, namely Ė Positioning has gone global, and, Marketing warfare....more

103.8 Radio Interview
November 2013 | Dubai Eye 103.8 Radio
Jack Trout, Legendary Marketing Strategist, Best-selling Author and Presentation at Trout & Partners, discusses marketing and what strategies companies can employ in the digital age....more
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