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Trout & Partners is one of the most prestigious marketing firms with headquarters in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, USA and offices in 20 countries. This is the consulting firm founded by Jack Trout, who is the father of positioning and recognized as the world's foremost marketing strategist. It is a global network of strategic marketing experts that apply Jack Trout’s concepts and develop his methodology around the world.

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GustavHafren Gustav Hafren
Gustav Hafrén is a strategic advisor to top management, and an expert in positioning and competitive strategy.

His extensive business background includes hands-on experience from senior marketing positions in Unilever, one of the world’s foremost consumer goods company, as well as consulting projects for several prominent international companies in most European countries, Russia and the US.

Mr. Hafrén joined the Trout & Partners network in 1996 as Senior Partner of the Scandinavian office. Today, he is President of Trout & Partners Northern Europe.

His more than 200 client assignments include consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, retailing, financial services, tourism, media plus IT and mobile communication.

Competitive strategy and positioning being a question of life and death for any company, regardless of size or industry, Mr. Hafrén has worked for a variety of companies, from start-ups and local companies to some of the biggest in the world.

His key contribution is typically to find and develop what makes each company unique vs. its competitors, followed by plans and implementation of business development.

He is a good communicator, and has a good understanding of different cultures and ways of thinking. Helped by his involving and simple way of working, Mr. Hafrén easily gets the persons in the client company with him, helping them create solid recommendations that the company is able to implement.

He has experience both from Board Memberships, and as an instructor to Board Members.

Mr. Hafrén is a frequent speaker (Finnish, Swedish and English) on topics related to differentiation and competitive strategy, and co-writer of the Finnish edition of the business bestseller “Differentiate or Die” together with Jack Trout.

Other specialties: Commercialization of new business concepts. Solutions for top line growth. Building client companies' long-term earnings capacity.


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