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Trout & Partners is one of the most prestigious marketing firms with headquarters in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, USA and offices in 20 countries. This is the consulting firm founded by Jack Trout, who is the father of positioning and recognized as the world's foremost marketing strategist. It is a global network of strategic marketing experts that apply Jack Trout’s concepts and develop his methodology around the world.

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BasilTsaras Basil Tsaras
Basil Tsaras’ background spans successful careers as an Educator, Facilitator, Entrepreneur, Business Executive, Management Consultant and Applied Researcher working extensively in the academic-business-government interface. Basil worked in many demanding multidimensional and multicultural environments, crossing: intra and inter-organizational lines, cultural and language boundaries, and national borders, ranging from the USA, Canada, Great Britain and France, to Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Morocco, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Basil has worked before with people from different countries and origins and working internationally gives him the opportunity to build relationships – another activity he thoroughly enjoys.

Basil started his career as an Academic in the US and he has been occupied in consulting/coaching//teaching/conducting studies and research for about 30 years. The 18 startups in which he was directly involved were his learning laboratories, best mentors and teachers and fantastic opportunities to gain insight into how he might better develop and deliver his gifts of service to others. Basil has a lot of experience in helping Small Business Owners growing their businesses and in putting Cultures together. He is a builder of people and organizations and providing solutions to the needs of Small Business Owners and their People is what he has been doing for years and this is what he is still keeping on doing.

Basil has experience working with, and/or managing programs of the Greek Small Business Administration, the Department of Commerce (Hellenic Export Promotion Organization), and the Department of Development (Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicraft, and the Hellenic Productivity Center) in utilizing a plethora of business assistance programs financed by the State (Greece) and the European Union (Fed) granted by the five main European Union Funds to support economic development across all EU countries, in line with the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy {European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Social Fund (ESF), Cohesion Fund (CF), European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and finally, the European Structural and Investment Funds - Regional Policy.}

Basil is very competent in all aspects of project cycle management and especially in facilitating proposals from applicants for grant scheme funds, as well as in program and project monitoring and evaluation. Following specific EU procedures and requirements, Basil has managed and led the successful Implementation of several European Union Projects, participating either as a contractor or as a partner in more than 100 different Community Programs and Initiatives such as: Tempus, Force, Horizon, NSRF and the Operational Programs 2014-2020 for the Cohesion Policy, the integrated Mediterranean Programs, Brite Euram, Now, the Integrated Regional Operational Programs, Equal, Phare, Interreg, Adapt, Craft, Prisma, Mentor, Retex, MED, etc. In many of them, the aim was to deal with the conditions and the challenges for sustainable clusters value chain, markets and social livelihoods development in both poor Greek regions, as well as in neighboring developing Countries (Morocco, Bulgaria) in order to enable poor individuals, groups and communities to participate in market activities, including clusters and value chain development.

Furthermore, Basil was extensively involved in project-managing relative Cooperative Agreements, in following well-planned Bipartisanship strategies when dealing with Legislators and Politicians at the highest level, both in Greece (State) and the EU (European Commission/FED), in building effective coalitions and growing networks, in raising funds to match EU and State funding, in long range as well in strategic planning, in founding and growing start-ups and finally in Coaching Mentoring and Supporting Small Business Owners and their People grow their Businesses and thrive.

Basil, through EMI (one of his Companies) has managed and led the successful Implementation of the development of the Support Management Institution in Morocco. In the framework of the DAC Program, Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD-DAC) - OECD, managed by the Ministry of National Economy, Basil and EMI designed and executed a project for the creation of the “Foundation CGEM” building institutional capacity for the enterprises of the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco. The Foundation CGEM was expected to deal with the conditions and challenges for sustainable clusters, value chain, markets and social livelihoods development in Morocco, facilitate growth and enable poor individuals, groups and communities to participate in market activities, including clusters and value chain development.

Basil has served as a registered member at the Roster of Marketing Consultants and Educators at the International Trade Center in Geneva (ITC/GATT/UNCTAD), working together with Senior Consultants and Directors at ITC to assist National Governments and State Organizations in the design and application of their National Export Marketing Strategies. Under this context, Basil served as a Senior Export Marketing Advisor at the Hellenic Export Promotion Organization for the design and application of the National Export Marketing Strategy for the Greece (1985-1989). Basil, participated and actively involved in meetings at the Ministerial level and then had to meet, negotiate, advise and guide Greek Exporters to gasket down to them applicable strategies and tactics to improve their exporting efficiency. Basil was extensively involved in the Manufacturing, Agriculture, Wine and Spirits, and Tourism Industries.

Basil advised Greek Exporters in promoting networking and relationship building. He cooperated with the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland to design specialized Export Marketing Curricula to train, coach, mentor and support Greek Exporters to fully utilize “conventional” and guerrilla marketing strategies, build coalitions and networks with prospective international buyers, link them with key influencers and opinion leaders in their targeted markets, provide internal marketing assistance in order to help them build sustainable Brands, and finally, diffuse the outcomes of all their experiences to relative European Business Communities and plan ahead for next year’s’ strategies.

Basil has built and facilitated high levels of Executive Participant engagement. He worked closely with the Executive-students at the Hellenic Productivity Center and the British Institute of Marketing and the CAM Foundation (Communication Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation Limited) in the UK, forming teams for field experiences, monitoring their participation; communicating course information, evaluating progress, mentoring, coaching and facilitating to assure and encourage their active participation. In addition to that, in cooperation with the Dean of the Business School of the University of Ulster, Basil designed complete curriculum and course details for Executives transitioning into the Export Marketing field. He engaged Employers in the design and implementation of field experience projects for Executive-students, and successfully placed 100% of Graduates immediately after graduation.

Basil, in order to help his numerous Small Business Clients understand the requirements of entrepreneurship and to improve their competitiveness through several teaching activities, conferences, roundtables, seminars, mentoring and coaching, partnered with ICSB, the International Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, a non-for-profit organization that is based in Washington, D.C.. In this Organization, Basil served as Vice President for Greece (1989-1992) and Member of the Executive Committee and President Elect for Greece (1992-1995) arranging a number of national events, such as policy workshops, working in partnership with the ICSB Board, identifying areas of activity where the Board believed ICSB could bring benefit to its Members and to work with the Board in delivering its key initiatives. ICSB’s mission is to advance the understanding of entrepreneurship and deal in depth with Small Businesses issues through facilitation of Research, Advocacy, Information Support and Education.

Furthermore, Basil has ten years of project (versus people) management experience. The educational training and development company (EMI) he founded back in 1987, also had a Project Management division where, in addition to training project managers, he also bid and won project management assignments. The largest project management assignment EMI won was from the European Commission and the Greek Government was to project manage 5,000 projects and contracts with a budget of approximately €1.04 billion Euros over a ten year period (1989-1978). Basil contributed to the management of the projects both from the oversight Board-Level and as a Coach and "hands on" Director of several Projects during that period.

Basil has also a remarkable Change Management Experience, successfully collaborating with several leading British Universities and Organizations to (a) jointly Reinvent Greek State-Owned Organizations (e.g. Hellenic Post in cooperation with Royal Mail/British Post), (b) proceed to corporate restructuring and management realignment producing high-quality outcomes, (c) lead a major Sales culture change in the Automotive Industry transforming “Client” Advisors and Zone Managers into “Trusted Advisors” for the final Consumers and the Dealers respectively, and finally (d) lead a major Sales culture change to a leading European ready-to-assemble furniture company (Retail) by improving the sales performance and productivity of floor sales personnel, on-line e-commerce sales personnel and in-home installers changing their sales-culture from transaction order taking to relationship.

Basil, in addition to his traditional professional responsibilities, he was actively involved in community service activities.

For instance, Basil is an International Keynote Speaker and an experienced executive educator with more than 20,000 recorded hours of teaching Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Marketing and Sales experience. In these community service and "reputation-raising" institutional activities, Basil arranged a cooperation with leading, high profile professors, government leaders, Nobel Prize winners and authors that included: Jack Trout, Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, Joseph Juran, Jamie Rubin, Edmond Israel, Willem Buiter, Quentin Peel, Michael Porter, Henry Mintzberg, John Kotter, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, James Belasco, Philip Kotler, Al Ries, Jay Conrad Levinson, US General Gus Pagonis, and Kenichi Ohmae, The cofounder of McKinsey's Strategic Management Division.

Basil is the Author of three books in Marketing (Forecasting Techniques in Marketing, Product Policy and Market Segmentation), all published back in 1987 by the Hellenic Export Promotion Organization. Basil has also published more than 50 newspaper and journal articles on Sales, Marketing and Leadership and gave numerous radio and TV interviews, all designed to promote the activities of his institutions. Finally, Basil through his Companies and in cooperation with leading Publishers, such as McGraw Hill, Prentice Hall, Simon and Schuster and Harvard Business Press, has translated in Greek and published several books written by leading experts and entrepreneurs such as Dr. Jack Trout, Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Philip Kotler, Dr. Jay Conrad Levinson, Dr. John Kotter, Dr. Voyatzis & Dr. Ann McKee, and many more.

Basil and his companies serve both the local and the international business community. Companies such as Eriksson, Siemens, Intracom, Intrasoft, OPAP, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Nestle, Groupe Promodes, Carrefour, Club Méditerranée, Eurobank EFG (Greece & Turkey), HSBC, HVB, Tekfen Bank (Turkey), EFG Financial Products AG (Switzerland), Xerox, Philips, Panasonic, BMW Group, Hertz, Alamo, Procter & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Unilever, Inchcape Group, Toyota, Audi & VW Group, Novartis, Philip Morris, Imperial Tobacco, ING, Generali, Alico, DHL, Johnson & Son, Germanos, Creta Farms, and many more have honored Basil and his Companies with their trust and cooperation.

Currently, Basil owns and operates Better Business Bureau (Trout & Partners, Greece) a leading business advisory and consulting practice servicing customers in SE Europe. At Better Business Bureau (, we help our customers develop and refine their business and marketing strategies, offering them strategic consulting (including business plan & sales strategy development), assisting them in developing and managing their (franchise) networks, working close with them to utilize guerrilla marketing strategy and tactics and implement new age & integrated marketing techniques, introduce Innovation and creativity in their organizations. We begin all assignments by diagnosing needs and then provide the best mode of advisory, assess results, and embed a reinforcement system to impact performance improvement. Services offered include the following:
  • Business Strategy, Strategic Planning and Development.
  • Strategic Thinking.
  • Business Planing.
  • Organizational Change and Development.
  • Reinventing Organizations & Restructuring.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Conventional and Guerrilla Marketing Strategies and Tactics.
  • Branding, Positioning and Repositioning.
  • New Business Development.
  • Sales Management.
  • Managing and Developing Franchise Networks.
  • Innovation & Creativity.
  • Performance Management.
  • Change Management and Leadership Development.
  • Team Building.

Basil Tsaras has graduated with honors from the School of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1972-1976) and has successfully completed under full scholarships a series of post graduate studies in Public Finance, Economics and Agricultural Economics in the UK - University of York (1976-1977), and in the USA - University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University (1977-1981).


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