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Building A Global Brand
Oct 19, 2015 | Business Standard
Thanks to their digital and social footprint, brands are becoming more global than ever before. Experts say having a global strategy - even before you launch your product - is a must to remain competitive. At a time when it is impossible to build a sustainable competitive advantage with disruptive moves coming in from every corner, The Strategist asks what constitutes a global strategy and how brands can be globally competitive. more

Staying Ahead in the Age Of Competition
Aug 2, 2015 | Business Today
Marketing strategist lack Trout says that paranoia is essential forbusiness success in ahighly competitive world. He shares tips on dealing with comptetition with Chitra Narayan an in this exclusive interview. more

Good Advertising Is Good Storytelling
July 21, 2014 | Business Standard
Don't worry about the digital workld. Google, Facebook, Yahoo! are just places to make the stories interactive and generate word-of-mouth, says Jack Trout. more

Marketing guru Jack Trout shares his 5 step guide to being a successful CMO
June 25, 2014 | The Economic Times
Much has been written about chief marketing officers and how they are toiling to come up with unique ways to make themselves useful and productive in their respective organisations. Much less has been written about the fact that the average CMO's tenure is quite short. The last time span I saw put that tenure at less than two years. more

%20%28Positioning%20is%20how%20you%20differentiate%20yourself%20in%20the%20mind%20of%20your%20prospect.%20It%27s%20also%20a%20body%20of%20work%20on%20how%20the%20mind%20works%20in%20the%20process%20of%20communications.%29Positioning Myopia

Over the years, "Positioning" has become a highly used word in marketing. But as I watch what companies say, I wonder if anyone understands what I've been writing about these many years. Things like "Chevy runs deep" when they should be saying "America's favorite American car" which is a leadership position. That said, maybe it's time to clarify things especially in India where "Positioning" is becoming a more important concept. more

Marketing guru Trout decoded Donald Trump's win
Wed, 16 Nov 2016 | Jack Trout | The Economic Times How can Americ elect a President who had five bankruptcies, three wives and avoided paying taxes? That is a very good question that America is now asking itself. Let me first try and explain.... more

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