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Trout & Partners is one of the most prestigious marketing firms with headquarters in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, USA and offices in 20 countries. This is the consulting firm founded by Jack Trout, who is the father of positioning and recognized as the world's foremost marketing strategist. It is a global network of strategic marketing experts that apply Jack Trout’s concepts and develop his methodology around the world.

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IulianPadurariu Iulian Padurariu
Iulian Padurariu is one of the most famous business strategy consultants in Romania with experience of strategic marketing for over 15 years and about as many projects managed won EFFIE awards. He began the entrepreneurial life in 2005 with the opening of Jack Trout’s consulting office in Bucharest.

Since 2008 he is active in Vienna, but maintains a close relationship with Romania, both for consultancy projects and to attend various workshops in educational projects. With a General MBA from Webster and a Professional MBA from Vienna Wirtschaftsuniversität specializing in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Julian Padurariu is a major supporter of entrepreneurship, often bringing to attention innovative concepts and business design methods around the concepts of positioning and differentiation.


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